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The Token Hunter 


National Utah Token Society 

Dedicated to the collecting, recording and preserving of Utah's historical 
medals, tokens, coins and bottles 

President's Message 

Hello Everyone, 

Spring is just around the corner; soon 
the snow will be melting, 
temperatures rising and the days last¬ 
ing longer. Get the metal 
detector out of the closet, remove the 
dust, do a couple of practice 
runs on the living room floor. This will help you feel better 
for a 

couple more weeks. 

I would like to thank our January guest speaker, Mr. Doug 
Nyholm for 

his fascinating presentation about counterfeit coins. We now 
know what 

to watch out for to make knowledgeable coin purchases. 

This month we will be having our annual auction night. Please 
remember to email your 5 items list (seller, item, if a re¬ 

amount) to James Staker several days prior to the meeting 
so we can 

get everything set up in advance. Bob Campbell has gracious¬ 
ly accepted 

the auctioneer position. This will be a wonderful evening. 

Because of a teaching commitment that evening I will be 
arriving late 

to the meeting so our vice president Anthony Bos will be 

the first half of the meeting. I promise to bring some type 
of science 

demonstration. Thank you for your understanding and sup¬ 

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. 

Todd Monson 

Todd's Demonstration 

Eldon, Julie & Brooke 

2oi2Club Officers 


Todd Monson 801-755-3256 
tdmh@earthlink. net 
Vice President 
Anthony Bos 209-640-9575 


Eldon Farnsworth 801-254-2846 
agiftman 2 @yahoocom 

Julie Pojnirs 801-608-7615 
Julie@po 5 n 1 

James Staker 801-688-9221 

Bourse Chairman 
Bob Campbell 801-467-8636 
Web Master/Co-Historian 
Johnny Gallegos 435-882-6256 
diyingbudd 57 

Wagon Masters 
Cliff Fausett 801-561-5487 
Boyd Pickering 801-808-0949 
Terry Wright 801-209-8040 
terr 57 
Shane Po 57 urs 801-657-7808 
Brook Bos 209-640-9585 

Medals Chairman 
Don Swain 801-967-0750 

Don't forget about the drawing we will 
have lots of great prizes 

Next Meeting is February 

Please liringin 
any library books 
that yon have 
checked out 

No finds of the month till 
weather permits 

Coming together is a beginning: 
Keeping together is progress: 
Working together is success 
Henry Ford 

Miscellaneous club news 

February meeting is the 28th at 7:00 
PM @ Columbus Community Center 
2530 So. 400 E. 

Officers for 2013 

Ajax UTAH. 

Ajax is a ghost town located in the Rush Valley area of southeastern Tooele County, Utah, USA. 

The town grew up around a unique department store started in 1869 by a Welsh immigrant 
named William Ajax. He operated the Ajax Underground Store until his death in 1899, and the 
settlement came to an end as the other residents left by 1900. All that remains today is a hole in 
the ground, with a historical marker standing nearby. 

The area was first settled in 1863 by a group of Welsh farmers, who called their little settlement 
Centre for its location in the middle of the valley between Stockton and Vernon. As numerous 
mines were being developed in eastern Tooele County in the 1860s, small towns began to dot the 

In 1869, William Ajax, whose department store business in Salt Lake City was failing, moved 
his family to a dugout in the Centre area. He had learned of the emerging market and started 
growing hay to sell to the mines. He built a two-room adobe house as a permanent shelter close 
to his hay fields. More accustomed to keeping o shop than raising a crop, Ajox soon begon 
stocking the kitchen shelf with dry goods and supplies to sell to possing travelers. Business 
boomed by 1870 a post office was set up in his store, which had outgrown the Ajax home and 
needed its own locotion. 

Underground department store 

Having lived in an underground home, William Ajax chose to construct an underground store. 

He begon digging into the desert soil and lining the hole with cedar timbers. When he had a 

chamber oround 1800 square feet in area and 10-15 feet deep, he odded roof beoms and an earthen roof, 
with a south-facing skylight. The Ajax Underground Store was open for business. 

From the beginning the store operated as much more than a mere general store, offering 
expensive textiles and fine imported tablewore in oddition to the necessities of frontier life. Local 
miners and ranchers could buy supplies to lost through the winter, while their wives browsed 
through elegant cut crystal glassware and ornate figurines in comfort, protected from the harsh 
elements of the desert. The store became a gathering place for residents of such nearby 
communities as Mercur, Stockton, and Ophir, and an important stopping point for overland 
travelers. An above-ground hotel was soon added, with stables and corrals that could hold 100 
horses, 300 cattle, and 6,000 sheep. As it began to grow into a town in its own right, the 
settlement was named Puckerville, but the name didn't stick. Although the post office kept the 
name of Centre, people colled the place Ajox. 

William soon found need for further expansion; he kept digging until the store's main room 
stretched 80 feet long and 100 feet wide. Additional branching rooms eventually 
brought the Ajax Underground Store to a total area of 11,000 square feet with over 
$75,000 worth of merchandise in stock. It was reported that the "Big Store", as locals called 
it, did more business than any similar Salt Lake City emporium. 

The store begon to lose business when the railroad was built nearby and people could eosily 
travel to Salt Lake for a variety of errands. When William Ajax died in 1899 he left the store to 
his sons, but the town of Ajax quickly dissolved. By 1900 only the Ajax family remained, 
continuing to run the store in the face of increasing competition. The rise of mail order cotalogs 
wos especially bad for business. The closure of AAercur in 1913 wos the finol blow; the 
Ajax Underground Store was finally forced to close in 1914. Most of the above-ground buildings 
were moved to other locations, but the underground store had to stay in place. In the 1920s it 
became a popular refuge for passing hoboes, but one of their fires burned it completely, leaving 
only a depression in the ground to mark the site of Ajax. 


Name (Please include all names for family membership 



2010 Meetings are on the 4th Thursday of the Month. 
With August. November and December to be determined. 

Meetings are at the Columbus Community Center 
2B3I South 400 East South Salt Lake. Utah 

EMAIL Address 

Phone (Please include home and cell numbers AND AREA CODE) 


□ $12.00 SINGLE □ $18.00 FAMILY □ Cash □ Check# 


Make Checks Payable to: 

P.O. Box 651071 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84165 


NUTS members it is time to submit your designs for the 2010 club medal There is no specific theme required for 
the medal. Photographs may be used for a design as well as artwork. If a photo is used it needs to be sharp and 
clear with distinct lines. For example pictures of buildings work well. Remember permission must be obtained 
to use COPY written material. 




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Coming in 2013... 

The Kagin Utah Collection 
The Sanders Utah Bottle Collection 
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Utah Tokens &More 

"Wcitdifor ikese and ynany more collectibles in our 
upco??v‘ng auctions as zaell as sales hosted by 
FHV154 C "Hoi abi rd's Wes tern Americana Collecti ons" 

Contact us toda^ to receive a catalog 
& find out more about our neoct auction 

Now accepting ii^ualit^ consignments 

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www.Ho lab ir dAmer ic ana co m 






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PO BOX 651071 
SLC, UTAH, 84165